Megan Rudikoff
Personal Lines Manager

Phone: 425-208-0035
Megan has been in the insurance industry for 17 years and has a great understanding of all of your individual insurance needs. 
Megan has two children, a son (a freshman at Boise State) and a daughter who is still at home. Her husband is a local firefighter.
She loves spending time with her family at the beach or crabbing/boating or fishing on the Sound or local lakes.  
Every year she returns to Northern California to work on a Christmas Tree Farm! 
She loves her community, family, friends and faith!  An amazing asset to Soleyon Insurance Partners and to you, the client.

David Whitfield
Commercial/Business Insurance Lead, President

David is a results-driven Small Business Owner & Analyst and business executive with 10+ years of researching and evaluating financial data for business and investment opportunities across diverse client portfolios in the insurance, real estate, investments, and financial services industry. He founded Soleyon Inc. in 2008 and have become parts of a two other small businesses along the way in Multi-Family Real Estate.

His background includes successful experience in entrepreneurial Roles as President of Soleyon Insurance Partners and Zurich Financial Services.

A graduate of Washington State University, he now lends his expertise as a board member to a number of local and national organizations.